Articles by Charles Partee



September 2003

What Would Ewe Do?


June 2003

Showtime and Chair Days


May 2003

You Are What You Eat


March 2003

Getting the Schaff


February 2003

Belly Button Lent


January 2003

John’s Bunion or This Pilgrim’s Progress


December 2002

The Mangy Scene at Christmas


November 2002

Dancing Cheek to Cheek


September 2002

A Big Yearning for a Little Heresy


August 2002

Boyz ‘N Mt. Hood


June 2002

Great Scot


April 2002

Holmes Sweet Holmes


March 2002

A Running Behind


January 2002

Being a Woman


December 2001

Presbyterians Expose Their Buts!


October 2001

My Shameful Secret


September 2001

The Eyes of Sheep May Safely Glaze


August 2001

A Harvest Mooning


July 2001

Kissed by the Coach’s Wife


June 2001

Going to the Dickens


May 2001

A Jezebel Sermon for Mother’s Day


April 2001

Feed my Giraffe


March 2001

Decently and in Ordure


February 2001

The Eagle Rights Amendment


January 2001

Christian Witness and Projectile Vomiting


November 2000

St. Paul and the God Poseidon


October 2000

Watch Out!


September 2000

In the Big Inning


August 2000

Throwing in the Towel


April 2000

A Chest Hair Named Fred


February 2000

The Gun Lap


January 2000

On Barking Dogmas


October 1999

Ardor vs. Order


July 1999

Panic in the Pulpit


June 1999

Squirrels in My Attic


May 1999

Awl or Nothing


March 1999

Filthy Habits


February 1999

Romancing Sophia


January 1999

The Limits of Decency


November 1998

Potty Luck Suppers


September 1998

Going to the Mat


August 1998

The Outhouse in Summer and Winter


May 1998

Taking a Leek


January 1998

On The Beret



A Four Letter Word



A Fowl Ball



Born Still



Boxers or Briefs



Cowpersons and Indians



Elder Hostile



Fathers' Day



Flora and Fawning



Fudging Christmas



Good King Wencelas, Look Out!



Great Expectorations






Naked High Jumping is Not Recommended



Precious Blood



Pronouncing Touareg



Teat for Tat



Telling the Tooth



The Flying Chaucer



The Last Role of Twilight Paper



The Porpoise Driven Life



What Would Ewe Do?